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Quality Improvement Network

Analytics, Benchmarking, Expert Faculty

Drive Continuous Improvement in Your Program

As a Head Start leader, you appreciate the challenge of using data to drive stronger outcomes. It’s not enough to attend a training or hire a data expert. It requires a team that can produce effective analysis, access the right experts and sustain a strategy with coaching and support along the way.

That’s why we’ve created the Q.I. Network. The Network integrates data analytics into a learning community experience with dashboards, expert faculty and coaching to sustain continuous quality improvement. We provide the support you need to shift the culture and practices in your program, wow federal reviewers and achieve strong outcomes for children and families.

Drive continuous improvement in your Head Start program

The Network combines several powerful resources

that have never previously been offered together

Data Analytics

New, affordable dashboards with visualizations that enable Head Start programs to more easily absorb and use data.  A data warehouse cuts across silos and supports robust analysis.  


Confidential benchmark reports enable comparisons across programs that have never previously been available, to identify bright spots and support learning.

Training & Coaching

An expert resource team advises participants on quality strategies informed by experience.  This is complemented by content area facilitators.

Learning Community

Participants in the Network enjoy the support of colleagues going through the quality journey together.  Participants will compare what works and learn from high performing peers.

How It Works

Historically, the cost of data analytics has been out of reach for most early childhood programs.  However, by organizing programs together in a Network we are able to create a new economy, making both the analytics and expert faculty affordable, to enable programs to understand and effectively act on their data.  Additionally, facilitators in specific content areas help mine nuggets from benchmark reports, so that everyone learns from the high performers and so that cohort members can support one another on the journey. The Network is designed for leadership teams with each team including a program director and up to 4 additional managers at each session.

We are now inviting programs from Western states, for a one year commitment to share data and meet face to face three times during 2020.  Each in-person session will run one and a half days and will include expert analysis of your data with national quality trainers and facilitated breakout sessions by content area.  At least two of the three in-person sessions will be held in California. We will also hold online group coaching calls in between sessions.

The Q.I. Network is managed by Early Intel and the program will be overseen by an advisory committee composed of representatives from the participating programs.  The Network is co-sponsored by the Region 9 Head Start Association.

For additional information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the right analytics is essential, but it’s only the start — what you do with them will determine progress.

Analytics & Curriculum

The analytics will be organized into a series of dashboards using data that programs upload to us.  We anticipate the following dashboards:

  • Child Development Assessments: DRDP and TS Gold
  • CLASS Reviews
  • Attendance & Chronic Absence
  • Family Assessment and Outcomes

Participating programs will upload their data in advance of each session, which our team of data experts will feed into dashboards, analyze and produce benchmark reports for use in the sessions.  We will pull data from a variety of sources and use a data warehouse to link across different content areas.

Initial curriculum will address a range of issues including monitoring systems, teaching quality, leveraging child assessments, attendance, behavior management, special needs, family engagement, etc. The exact content is dynamic and will be informed by the interest of Network members and findings from the ongoing data analysis.

Expectations of Participants

The success of the Network depends on the members. Joining the Q.I. Network represents a commitment to actively participate and apply the learning in one’s own program. The following are delineated in our application:

  • While programs may alternate some of their staff from session to session, they commit to at least two program leaders participating consistently in all three sessions.
  • Participants read assigned articles to prepare for face to face sessions.
  • Programs will upload identified data 30 days in advance of scheduled sessions (our data partners are available to assist your staff in this process).
  • Programs commit to implementing a quality improvement initiative during the year and be willing to share your experience with other participants.
  • Optional: Participate in coaching calls between sessions and online resource sharing.

Pricing & Payment

Very Small Programs
  • fewer than 100 children
Small Programs
  • 100 — 300 children
Medium Programs
  • 300 – 599 children
Large Programs
  • 600 – 2,000 children
Very Large
  • more than 2,000 children

Upon acceptance, programs will pay a $2,000 deposit to reserve their place. Balance payments will be due on January 31 and July 31, 2020.

  Discount —  Programs qualify for a 10% discount if they pay the full amount by December 19, 2019.

Delegates —  Grantees with delegate agencies will be treated as a single program, if delegates are using the same data definitions and if  data is compiled into a single, consistent data set (additional cost for extra participants and/or additional security layer requirements).


Program applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. We expect that cohort membership will be finalized in November 2019 and the first data upload will take place in December.  Click below to apply.  If you have questions or would like to view our recent webinar about the Q.I. Network, contact