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Early Childhood
Quality Improvement Summit

Inquire, Measure, Learn

Upcoming Events

West Coast Summit

Long Beach, CA
Nov 5-7, 2019

East Coast Summit

Atlantic City, NJ
June 15-17, 2020

About The Summit

The Quality Improvement Summit is the first event devoted entirely to quality improvement methods for early childhood programs. The gathering starts with pre-conference training and is organized around a two-day, plenary style Summit. The event focuses on the tools and resources you need to move from traditional compliance to measurable program outcomes. The Summit was launched in 2018 and is held on both the East and West Coasts.

What You will Learn

Directors and managers attending the Summit will acquire critical insights and tools for incorporating improvement science into their programs:

  • Data techniques for predicting problems before issues arise
  • New tech tools that are strengthening measurement and lightening staff loads
  • Ways to tabulate across child and family data, producing better understanding
  • Organizing child and family data into tiers, for tailored interventions
  • New coaching resources that use technology to accelerate improvement
  • Visuals such as heat maps, that transform child and family data
  • Data strategies for boards and policy councils

Top Level Training

Continuous quality improvement is a process that demands new competencies and resources.  Our presenters will address key topics, with a focus on the unique needs of early childhood programs:

  • Performance Standards requirements for data and improvement
  • Leadership strategies
  • Creating a culture of inquiry
  • Measurement and Assessment
  • Data Science
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Facilitated Peer Exchange
  • Assessing and changing your data culture

Showcase of Solutions

We have updated and streamlined the Showcase, featuring new, emerging resources for lightening program burdens, improving data and strengthening outcomes.  Our curated showcase features new tools in a fast paced format where program managers can learn about new resources and quickly get questions answered.  Products and services include:

  • Analytics resources for supporting program managers
  • Gamified, direct child assessment to lighten classroom loads
  • Apps for easily capturing key program metrics
  • Evidence based texting and parent engagement apps
  • Innovations in program management software

 Who Should Attend? 

Continuous quality improvement is a team effort and this event is designed for the leaders on your team, especially Head Start:   Program Directors, Executive Directors, and Mangers of Data, Education, Family Services, ERSEA, Health, Disabilities and Fiscal.  Every manager with responsibility for measuring performance will benefit from this event.

A Gathering Of Leaders

The Summit is a gathering of early childhood leaders who are working to transform their programs, discovering opportunities to improve, grow and learn from one another. At the Summit, you will learn from the success and missteps of smart practitioners who are creatively using data to improve the lives of at-risk children and families. You will come away inspired and with immediate, practical strategies that you can apply to your own program.

This unique gathering brings together a special group of leaders distinguished by their shared commitment to close the achievement gap. Together, they are paving a new path for the field of early childhood. Through the training, presentations, table discussions and networking, you will be energized and supported as you meet colleagues with a vision for positive change.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The Q.I. Summit is a great opportunity to connect with early childhood program directors and managers who are leading the way around data and quality improvement. For details on exhibitor, advertising or sponsorship opportunities, click the button below.

What People are Saying

Participant feedback from previous Summits

“I’ll be sharing a lot with my team about presenting and analyzing data and about chronic absence. Got new and relevant ideas. Very applicable to our work.”

“Learning about various data collection tools was really valuable.”

“Panel discussion and speakers were all excellent! Stuart’s ability to engage and demonstrate examples of how to make data tell a story was so beneficial. Thank you!”

“Examples of real data….it opened my eyes as to what to collect and what to do with what we’ve collected for CQI.”

“The hands on “real” tools and strategies to help us do this work at home is invaluable.”

“Opening panel was full of ah-hah! Moments and it set the tone and expectations for the rest of the event.”

“The topic and the varied speakers were great. Loved the variety.”

“All the information was amazing. I like that I didn’t have to choose which sessions to attend.”

Join Us

West Coast Summit

Long Beach, CA
Nov 5-7, 2019

East Coast Summit

Atlantic City, NJ
June 15-17, 2020